You have goals and wishes which are important to you. We will help you to realise them. With Cembra Money Bank credit, you enhance your financial possibilities in order to put your plans into practice.

Should you like to know the amount of your monthly repayments, our Cash Credit calculator will help you.

As your competent and reliable partner, Cembra Money Bank provides financing solutions tailored to your needs.

Cash Credit

Your ideas, wishes and needs

Do you need to access quick cash? In this case, you can enhance your financial possibilities by opting for a Cash Credit with precisely calculable expenses throughout the entire period.

Haben Sie einmaligen Geldbedarf? Dann entscheiden Sie sich für einen Barkredit mit fest kalkulierbaren Ausgaben über die gesamte Laufzeit und erhöhen so Ihren finanziellen Spielraum.

Cash Credit Plus

Financial flexibility

Would you like to remain financially flexible? With a Cash Credit Plus, a financing solution consisting of two phases, you enhance your financial possibilities in order to put your special plans into practice.

Financing Plus

The new kind of vehicle financing – now available at your local car dealer

Are you looking for a suitable way to finance a used car at your local car dealer? Financing Plus is a perfect financing solution for used cars.

SME loan in 48 hours?

No problem.

You are an established business owner. Dynamic, flexible and fast — always looking for ways to improve. You have come to expect the unexpected, and you know that sometimes you need access to additional funds. Here is how we can help.