Whether facing financial loss due to involuntary unemployment, accident, illness or disability – a lot can happen in your life. We recommend you take out insurance for your monthly instalments. So you can feel secure that a personal twist of fate does not turn into an unforeseeable financial burden.

Cembra Money Bank provides insurance solutions tailored to your needs, so that you are insured against such possible states of distress.

Payment Protection Insurance Plus

Financially secured – in any situation in life

Taking Payment Protection Insurance Plus ensures that your monthly repayments are financed also in difficult times. In addition, you have ready cash reserves at your disposal should you be incapable of work or become unemployed.

Payment Protection Insurance

Secure your future – provide security

Taking Payment Protection Insurance ensures that your monthly repayments are financed also in difficult times. What a good feeling!


Stay flexible in uncertain times.

PaymentProtect covers your accumulated credit card balance in the event of incapacity to work or unemployment.


Protect your loved ones in an emergency.

MoneyProtect takes care of an accrued credit card balance in the event of death. Helping you to protect those left behind from unforeseen financial obligations.


Protected Card data – secure online shopping

CardProtect is a 24-hour blocking service for your registered cards as well as data, and provides, at the same time, enhanced security when online shopping.


Carefree travel – incl. pandemic cover

TravelProtect covers travel cancellation/termination, canceled flights or medical emergencies abroad including those due to Covid-19 or other contagious diseases. It also offers coverage delayed baggage.


Optimally insured

Together with Zurich insurance we offer our customers CarProtect car insurance – tailored to their individual needs.