Caravan Leasing

Travelling independently – financially secured

Camper vans, caravans and motor caravans are becoming more and more popular. With a Cembra Money Bank lease agreement tailored to your needs, you can enjoy your mobile home while saving its high purchase price.

You would like to finance your mobile home

You have found your new mobile home and are looking for a financing solution which enables you to reliably calculate the costs involved and which provides sufficient financial flexibility for other needs.

We offer flexible leasing solutions

Whether you opt for a camper van or caravan - finance your new mobile home by signing a Cembra Money Bank lease agreement. Since you do not acquire the vehicle, you only pay for its use. With consistent repayments, you are able to calculate your budget. At the end of the agreement, you return the caravan to your dealer or you decide to lease a new one.

The most important facts – point by point

The most important information concerning your Cembra Money Bank Caravan Leasing at a glance:

Note: Entry Code 178 (“Owner changes prohibited”) in the vehicle registration document.

Thinking ahead

You would like to remain solvent also in case of unexpected events? Taking out Payment Protection Insurance complementary to your lease or financing agreement ensures that you are also covered in case you should not be able to work due to illness or accident or become unemployed.

Caravan Leasing calculation example

A cash purchase price of CHF 42,000 1) and a calculated residual value of CHF 16,800 1) amount to 48 lease instalments of CHF 671.75 1) in the case of an annual mileage of 15,000 km.

Based on a nominal interest rate of 5.95% (effective interest rate 6.11%) this corresponds to total annual costs of CHF 1'609.00 1), excl. depreciation and insurance of the leased object.

¹) incl. 8.1% VAT