Privacy Policy

Credit Check and Data on Credit information

I confirm that all above stated details are correct and I empower Cembra Money Bank AG ("Cembra Money Bank") to gather all information about my person required for checking this application and for handling the contractual relationship, for example from Banks, external analysts of creditworthiness, public offices, the Central Agency for Credit Information (ZEK), the Information Agency for Consumer Credit (IKO) as well as from offices designated by law or others. Furthermore I empower Cembra Money Bank to issue information to ZEK and IKO and in case of a specific legal requirement to other offices. I acknowledge the right of ZEK and IKO to inform its members about the received data. Any possible data locks ordered by me are to be regarded as irrevocably cancelled towards Cembra Money Bank. I agree that certain credit information about my person obtained in this connection from third parties and namely data from ZEK and IKO in connection with the assessment of the application and the execution of the contract, may be retrieved, processed and stored by Cembra Money Bank and its contractual partners outside of Switzerland. Contractual partners and their employees are obliged to comply with data protection according to the requirements of the Federal Law on Data Protection, to protect the Banking Secrecy according to the Federal Banking Act and are bound by Confidentiality in general. Data transfer outside of Switzerland occurs over closed networks and is encrypted.

Personal Data, Data Protection and Internet

I empower Cembra Money Bank to process and to analyze my data and to use my data for the Group’s own marketing purposes and evaluations both at home and abroad. I can revoke this empowerment at any time in writing.

Cembra Money Bank may outsource services to third parties ("service providers"), in particular in the area of handling of business processes, IT Security and system control, marketing research, the calculation of business relevant credit and market risks as well as for the administration of contractual relationships. I agree that service providers may have access to all my data processed in this connection.

Cembra Money Bank may process my data in countries, which do not have an equivalent to Swiss data protection and may entrust service providers in such countries with the processing of my data. Prior to the transfer of data the service provider must commit to maintaining an adequate level of data protection. I am aware that my data is transmitted abroad and also transferred over the Internet. Before transferring data over open networks like the Internet, Cembra Money Bank encrypts data with most recent technologies. I accept such transfers and processing at home and abroad. Cembra Money Bank has the right to reject the present application without indication of a reason.

I am aware that this application will be sent via Internet. The Internet is an open network and accessible to everyone. Accordingly, Cembra Money Bank cannot guarantee that the data transfer over the Internet remains confidential. I further note and accept that cookie-technology can be used. A cookie is a data file that is stored on my harddisk and that enables a computer to be recognized. I take note of the fact that my browser can be set in such a way that I will be informed about having received a "cookie".