Medium-term note

Up to
per year

Medium-term note

Up to
per year

Guaranteed interest –
high security

The medium-term note presents an intriguing option if you are looking to invest your savings for a longer period of time. It offers security and regular returns thanks to guaranteed interest income.

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1st place in comparison

Cembra's medium-term notes once again take 1st place in the interest comparison by the independent comparison portal (as of: January 2024).

As of: 28.03.2024
Term Interest rate
10 years 2.00%
9 years 1.80%
8 years 1.75%
7 years 1.70%
6 years 1.65%
5 years 1.60%
4 years 1.60%
3 years 1.60%
2 years 1.60%
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Current conditions

Benefit from a fixed interest rate for the entire term of your medium-term notes. This means you know in advance how much income you will generate.

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Guaranteed return

The interest rate applicable on conclusion of the contract is fixed and guaranteed for the entire term.


We are a Swiss bank with depositor protection. Your savings are protected up to CHF 100,000 per customer relationship.


Your Flex Savings Account is free of charge to open and maintain. There are also no fees for deposits, transfers or withdrawals.


mySavings allows you to maintain an overview of all your savings products online. You can access your savings, annual interest income and tax documents online at any time.

100% digital

You can open an account online in just a few minutes, with no fuss or paperwork. You can manage your account online at any time, view account transactions and send us orders.

Services and conditions
Medium-term note

Interest rate1

from 1.60% to 2.00%, terms from 2 years to 10 years


Private persons from the age of 18 with a Swiss domicile


The investment capital is tied up for the entire term of the contract and cannot be traded.


Preferential interest rate from the first Swiss franc Market-oriented interest rate No maximum amount


Investment amount from CHF 20,000. Additional investments can be made in increments of CHF 1,000 up to a maximum of CHF 1,000,000 per transaction.

Withholding tax

35% of gross interest income, if interest is higher than CHF 200

Opening a Flex Savings Account

A free Flex Savings Account is part of the medium-term note. Interest income payments and capital repayments at the end of the contract are made to this account.

Account opening

Free of charge, 100% online

Account management


Booking and balancing charges


Account statement/balance

Free, annually as of 31 December

Online access

Free access to mySavings, account queries possible

Further provisions

Opening a Flex Savings Account is a prerequisite for subscribing to a medium-term note.

Uncomplicated paperless communication exclusively via mySavings access.

The General Terms and Conditions for savings products of Cembra Money Bank AG apply.
1) Interest rates may be modified at any time. The interest rate for a product is determined by the daily rate in effect on the day of execution or payment by subscription.
2) In the event of early termination, an early withdrawal penalty of 2% is charged on the nominal amount, plus any cost of funds.